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Enterostatin is one of a number of natural agents, primarily peptides, that give rise to a sense of food intake satisfaction or “satiety”. While some affect satiety in general, others act more specifically to regulate protein, carbohydrate or lipid intake. What distinguishes enterostatin from these other agents is that enterostatin, a pentapeptide, can be administered orally. Animal studies in several species indicate that enterostatin acting primarily in the gut specifically suppresses fat intake.

Enterostatin is the activation peptide of procolipase, a protein secreted by the pancreas with the digestive enzymes. Through the action of trypsin in the intestine, a peptapeptide is cleaved from the proprotein creating both the protein required for the activation of pancreatic lipase, colipase, and the fat satiety signal, enterostatin. In humans the peptide has the amino acid sequence Ala-Pro-Gly-Pro-Arg. The sequence varies slightly in other animals. Although procolipase is produced primarily in the pancreas, mRNA for the protein has been found in the pyloric region of the stomach where pancreatic lipase is absent and where the function of colipase is unknown. The amount of procolipase message. the amount of colipase activity, and thus the amount of enterostatin are dependent upon the amount of fat consumed.

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